LawBox is proud to be the first developer to offer custom mobile apps for legal organizations.

How does it work?

It's simple: users download our app, register as members of your organization, and sign in just as they would on the organization website. This grants access to your organization's custom app. Users can then download materials to their devices and enjoy all the features of the LawBox platform. It's a great benefit to attract and keep members!

How does the app engage members?

Your custom app can include any number of engagement features, such as:

  • Daily alerts and news updates
  • Your organization's journal
  • Member directories
  • Schedules of upcoming events
  • A module to contact your organization
  • Mobile-friendly versions of your organization's web pages

Custom apps also include our full legal research platform, providing always-current statutes, rules and cases to members on the go.

What platforms are supported?

Our apps cover iPhone and iPad, Android, and a web app accessible from other mobile devices (or even desktops).

What goes into a custom library?

Our platform is flexible and can handle a range of documents. Most organizations are interested in providing the same kind of statutes and rules that we offer our individual customers, but we've also incorporated custom research materials of various kinds.

What's the cost?

Since all of our custom apps are built on a common platform, we can offer them for a fraction of what it would cost to develop an app from scratch.

To find out more about joining our roster of clients, feel free to contact us.